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Kevin Woodson


Raised in rural Illinois, Kevin has spent a lifetime helping people and organizations

around the world find inspiration and collaborate on projects that make a difference.

Kevin’s repertoire includes visual facilitation, fine art, and illustration. He regularly exhibits his

paintings and sculpture, facilitates strategic visioning in businesses, and is art director of

Living Lab Gallery in Taiwan, where he currently resides.

At present, Kevin visualizes strategy for entrepreneurs in Taiwan, co-conducts Event Horizon Intensives with Steve King,

and visualizes the leadership and the world of the future with the Conscious Business community. 

He is illustrator and co-author of "Enter Your Flow:

an Interactive Journey Toward Fulfillment and Happiness in Your Work Life" Hasmark Press 2023



What's your vision?

When people have the opportunity to connect with a piece of artwork, it leads to self-discovery, sharing, and powerful co-creation. ​


Today people with courage and insight to change the world frequently find it challenging to meaningfully collaborate.


I believe that art and visual thinking is vital to co-creation and achievement. I use art to visually nurture ideas and help people connect and go beyond with what they could conceive with words alone.


My art provides people with the possibility to bring their ideas life and share them with others. Together they participate in something that may previously have seemed impossible.

Art unlocks possibilities, leads to inspiration, courage, and confidence and make visions real.


See the vision every day 

Pictures, not words, are how people are hardwired to connect.


Overcome barriers

Help resistant people understand the way forward and why it's important.


Make events unforgettable

Capture and highlight outcomes as they occur, get people excited, and generate a dynamic record for everyone.

Accessible Innovations.png

Make innovation accessible

Your universal 'app' to connect the wide arena of experts, resources, and leaders.

Kevin's Art and AI

The Event Horizon is the region of a black hole where nothing can escape; not even light.

To navigate our world's current 'Event Horizon' of unpredictable and irreversible changes, Kevin combines creativity and 30 years of mapping future visions with Steve King, proven executive strategy and facilitation.

Together, their mission is to help organizations perceive what lies beyond the Event Horizon and navigate the new universe we are all entering.

Details and contact in the PDF to the right.

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Kevin‘s Flowers



Human culture, love, and magic begin in the garden.


My paintings also begin in the gardens, greenhouses, in cloud forests, and anywhere flowers are blooming. When I make the first watercolor strokes on the blank paper, I strive to paint the ephemera and drama of human passion, captured in a single bloom.”

Kevin paints flowers in the gardens of Taiwan and around the world. Through the simple process of sitting in the garden with a flower and a blank piece of watercolor paper, Kevin has painted tens of thousands of flowers. To further express the magic he feels in the garden, he also creates adorned paper sculpture flowers in the studio.

In Taiwan, Kevin is represented by

藍瓦空間  Living Lab Gallery,

and in California, Kevin is represented by Joyce Gordon Gallery.

Join Kevin in Oakland California June 1 – July 29, 2023, at Joyce Gordon Gallery for his solo show, Residency Taiwan, A Fairy Tale In Flowers. Reception for the artist Saturday June 10, 1:00 PM

Kevin will return to 藍瓦空間  Living Lab Gallery in August 2024 with a new immersive meditative experience: Inner Heart Garden.

Please enjoy the catalogues and show-books from recent exhibits.

Send queries to Gallery Manager: 

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