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Kevin Woodson


Raised in rural Illinois, Kevin has spent a lifetime helping people and organizations

around the world find inspiration and collaborate on projects that make a difference.

Kevin’s repertoire includes visual facilitation, fine art, and illustration. He regularly exhibits his

paintings and sculpture, facilitates strategic visioning in businesses, and is art director of

Living Lab Gallery in Taiwan, where he currently resides.

Through his illustrations in Enter Your Flow, An Interactive Journey Toward Fulfillment And Happiness,

(2023, Hasmark Press) Kevin has brought together his individual skills and practices into a single work.


”Ideas stay alive when collaborators like the authors and illustrator of Enter Your Flow take the time to organize and unpack them in fresh ways. Together, they have accomplished a tour-de-force flow of text, illustration and graphic metaphor that makes reading this book an adventure.“

David Sibbet

Founder & CEO The Grove 

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What vision do you want to see?

When people have the rare opportunity to connect with a piece of artwork,

it can lead to self-discovery, sharing, and powerful co-creation. 

However, many cultures teach people to see and share only what can be controlled. People who should collaborate do not connect, breakthroughs that require passion do not happen, and individuals who could change the world stay silent. 

I do art to generate co creation and achievement by visually nurturing ideas and helping people connect and participate in something greater than they could imagine with words.

When people use art to see their idea and share it with others, it is an opportunity to participate in something that may previously have seemed impossible.

They have the inspiration, courage, and confidence to make it real.

Your challenge:
See the vision or go in blind

Whether you are leading organizations or teams in make-or-break moments...

You're delivering a presentation that needs to get results...

Or you're striving to grow and develop personally...

...going forward without a visual connection is like walking blind on an alien world.

Promised Land:
Actionable Creativity

People have the inspiration, courage, and desire to collaborate when they see themselves in the story, and they see how their individual success benefits from the overall success of the group.

How does it work?
The 'magic?'

We begin by drawing the first visuals together, one-on-one, or as a small group.

The power of seeing your ideas reflected back to you with a metaphor, story, and characters inspires breakthroughs in thinking, commitment, and desire put your innovations into action.

As the vision grows, we involve more people, leading to more collaboration, support, and breakthroughs with each iteration.

Your vision will act as a gravitational and energetic center as you communicate,

as you align strategies and resources to achieve it, and as you start seeing the elements in your vision becoming reality.

Along with the authors of Enter Your Flow, Kevin is a partner at WorkLife Flow.

He supports his clients as an independent consultant;

Or he partners with his WorkLife Flow colleagues to visually enhance

emotionally intelligent negotiations, the innovation agenda,

coaching and personal development, and public speaking events

Connect with Kevin and WorkLife Flow at LinkedIn
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Kevin‘s Flowers



Human culture, love, and magic begin in the garden.


My paintings also begin in the gardens, greenhouses, in cloud forests, and anywhere flowers are blooming. When I make the first watercolor strokes on the blank paper, I strive to paint the ephemera and drama of human passion, captured in a single bloom.”

Kevin paints flowers in the gardens of Taiwan and around the world. Through the simple process of sitting in the garden with a flower and a blank piece of watercolor paper, Kevin has painted tens of thousands of flowers. To further express the magic he feels in the garden, he also creates adorned paper sculpture flowers in the studio.

In Taiwan, Kevin is represented by

藍瓦空間  Living Lab Gallery,

and in California, Kevin is represented by Joyce Gordon Gallery.

Join Kevin in Oakland California June 1 – July 29, 2023, at Joyce Gordon Gallery for his solo show, Residency Taiwan, A Fairy Tale In Flowers. Reception for the artist Saturday June 10, 1:00 PM

Kevin will return to 藍瓦空間  Living Lab Gallery in August 2024 with a new analogue immersive meditative experience: Inner Heart Garden.

Please enjoy the catalogues and show-books from recent exhibits.

Send queries to Gallery Manager: 

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