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Kevin Woodson, Flower Reliquaries, at StartUp Small Works Art Fair,
July 19–21, San Francisco 2019
900 Marin Street

Like traditional reliquaries, which often preserve the bones of Saints and other relics, Flower Reliquaries enshrine petals, feathers, and other artifacts of the garden, treating them as sacred.

Kevin brings his most recent collection, Flower Reliquaries,
to this three-day StartUp Small Works summer fair with 40 of the Bay Area's most significant artists,
Check out the StartUp site for more details.

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Kevin's 2019 Calendar
12 full color months, featuring paintings from Kevin's current collection, 'Flowers Nouveau.'

Kevin combines elements of Floral Design and Art Nouveau to produce
a collection of brand new paintings for 2019.
Flowers, birds, poetry, philosophy, love, magic, and you. Happy 2019!!!

Please check out the link below to preview and buy your own Kevin Woodson
Flowers Nouveau Calendar 2019. Happy New Year!!!!

Preview and buy Kevin's 2019 calendar here



PAINTING A FLOWER is a meditation, a connection with the sublime magic and the way I chose to be human.

Here you will find paintings that are not compiled using traditional painting techniques. In fact, I have never used pencil, photography, or cut flowers in my work. Very simply, a flower in the garden speaks to me, and I paint right there, working with the full-on living experience of the bloom.

Please enjoy the ever-growing portfolio of flower paintings here, attend an opening or event in your area, or email me with questions and comments. Find me on Facebook where I will post updates, photos, and my writing about the magic of the flowers.

I'd like to express gratitude to Juan Pablo Gutierrez for the flower verse that is excerpted, top to bottom, in the roll-over tree at the top of this page. Juan Pablo’s poems appear along with my flower paintings in our book, The Language of the Flowers, Kevin's Bookshop Press, 2011.