• Peace within Chaos

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Although the world can seem crazy a lot of the time, the flowers have taught me to find this delicate balance in the simplest things of every day life. The flowers’ passion unfolds in this an ever-changing, ever-precarious, ever-perfect balance as they grow, bloom, flourish within an ecosystem of animals, insects, and gardeners, and then lose their petals and turn to seed.

I find deep peaceful balance in the wisdom of the flowers’ age, the subtitles of their colors, their symbiosis with humans and our culture. For me, there is also great beauty in the chaos of the enormous distances from soil to bloom, the buzzing whir of butterflies and hornets and spiders, the hot noontime sun and the frigid coastal evenings.

This collection, Peace Within Chaos, begins with the last of this year’s Dahlias. The Sun within the Moon, the Yang within the Yin, the Fire within the Ice. For me, these primal contradictions are united in love in the flowers, like our ancient ancestors’ first sacred couples. Like Gaea and Uranus, these Dahlias soon surround themselves with Titans, and the passions of the gardens burn high.